Orhun Toys



None of your details you provided while signing up to our store will be shared with any 3rd party by Orhun Toys.
Our store may send details of the campaigns, new products and promotions to its customers and members. Our members can choose to receive such information while they are signing up to our site, or they can change such choice from the account details after they log in the site.
Nobody other than you can access and change any information you have provided while signing up. If you keep your login details in safe, others can never access to your details and change them. The action will be taken along within the 128 bit SSL security area during the membership process for this purpose. This system is an international encryption standard that is impossible to be broken.


Our company gives priority to the security of the credit card owners shop online from our web-sites. Your credit card details shall not be kept in our system for whatsoever reason.
When you enter into the transactions process, there are two things you need to pay attention in order you to understand that you are in a secure web-site. One of them is the key or lock icon located on the bottom line of your browser. This shows that you are in a secure web site and any of your details are protected as encrypted. These details are only for trading processes and used in line with your instructions. The details regarding the credit card used in trading are sent to the relevant bank in order to be verified after encrypted with 128 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol by Comodo SSL, independently of our online shopping sites. Trading process continues after the credit card's availability is confirmed. Due to any details regarding the credit card are not viewed or saved by us, third persons are prevented from obtaining these details in any circumstances.
The security of payment/invoice/delivery address details of the orders made online with a credit card is inspected by our company against the Credit Card Fraud. Accordingly, accuracy of financial and address/telephone information regarding our customers who shops online for the first time need to be confirmed before supplying and delivering their products. We contact with the customer owns the credit card or the relevant bank to check such information if required.
Our online shopping web sites certified with SSL use Turkish İş Bank Virtual POS which has the most common online payment infrastructure of Turkey.
Online shopping sites which has an information line or customer care service and specifies their contact information on their site are preferred more nowadays. You can take detailed information on everything you want to ask, and assess the trustworthiness of the company providing online shopping service by yourself.
Note: You are recommended to pay attention to the presence of the full address and telephone number of the company in their site. When you decide to buy something, write down all telephone/address details of the shop which you will buy the product firstly. If you do not trust, call them to check the trueness of their details. You can see any information regarding our company and sketch which shows the location of our company in all of Orhun Toys' online shopping sites.


Orhun Toys will send information E-mails to its registered customers. 

Do not write the details of your credit card or passwords when you send an e-mail to our site's Customer Care Service regarding any of your orders. The information in e-mails can be seen by the third parties. Our company does not guarantee the security of details transferred from your e-mails.